Avita Kaveria – Help a buddy

The aim of Avita Kaveria (”Help a buddy”) project is to increase awareness about the importance of peer support and how it impacts people’s general well-being. Help a buddy aims to increase the availability of peer support in local communities. For more details on this initiative, please read ”project in a nutshell”.

”Help a buddy” – become a peer group fasilitator

What is Peer Support?

Project in a nutshell

Contact details:

Heli Lumiaro
Project co-ordinator
tel.+358 50 346 5438
email: heli.lumiaro(at)

Anja Hilander
Project assistant
tel. +358 50 549 0323
email: anja.hilander(at)

Citizen Forum / Avita Kaveria (Help a buddy) project
Kumpulantie 1A (6th floor)
00520 Helsinki

If you want us to contact you, please leave your details on this contact form

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