Article Series: Citizen Frank

“If you help me today and I’ll help you tomorrow, we’ll both be better off.” At the top of the introduction to Kansalaisareena’s (Citizen Forum) activity is stated that “almost half of the Finns do volunteer work, and four out… Continue Reading →

Joy for the elderly from the students’ volunteer work

The drizzling rain outside will be forgotten immediately when entering Hakunila day activity centre. A lot of elderly people have gathered for the common breakfast and everybody seems to be enjoying it. The coordinators are arranging the hall of the… Continue Reading →

Volunteering expedites integration

Abdullah Al-Ani, a 29 years old Iraqi young man came to Finland on the eve of 2015. It was the year in which record-breaking number of asylum seekers, 32476, entered Finland; eighty-four percent of them were under 34 years old…. Continue Reading →

Art born from the past with substance use

First there was a poem and the poem was inside Riikka-Lea Putkuri (48). Via the hand that moved the paintbrush colours and forms were born from the poem. The creating of the paintings was also a journey of the mind,… Continue Reading →

Blog: Towards lasting regional volunteer centres

As the representatives of Citizen Forum we got, with Saara Jäämies, an opportunity to participate in an interesting seminar in Pärnu. The seminar was meant for volunteer managers. There were 30 participants. The place where the seminar was held was… Continue Reading →

Developing supported volunteer work – first steps of TuttaVa activity in Oulu

What would be a better way to get integrated and acquainted to Finns than volunteer activities? But how would we get asylum seekers and immigrants integrated into Finnish volunteer work? To answer that question Vuolle Settlement Volunteer Work Network VARES,… Continue Reading →

Volunteer coordinators’ view on volunteering among asylum seekers and refugees

An asylum seeker is someone who has moved to a foreign country and whose request or application for asylum is being processed. Whereas a refugee is someone who fled persecution or conflict, and is granted the right to reside in… Continue Reading →

Strength and new ideas from voluntary work

Finland is the promised land of associations. Some 75 percent of its citizens will be members of some kinds of associations during their lifetime. Even though most people participate in association activities as members, activity piles up. Educated and high… Continue Reading →

Volunteers are heroes of action

Brother Christmas, a man who does delightful everyday deeds all year round dressed up in a grey beanie and a santa’s beard, was chosen as the volunteer of the year last year. The person behind the smiling character is an… Continue Reading →

Good feelings from voluntary work

Sometimes life may seem meaningless. Maybe we seek too hard, and in vain, for something special to cheer up our everyday life. Instead of parachute jumps, hot yoga or travelling, we could search for a meaning in life by helping… Continue Reading →

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