Member organisation Kipukapina ry: Patient organisation for people suffering from chronic pain

In Finland, there are almost a million patients suffering from pain, and 300 000 of them suffer from difficult or disabling pain. Kipukapina ry (‘Pain Rebellion’) was founded on 6 November 2019 to strengthen the voice of the patients in the… Continue Reading →

The Future Is Uncertain, Anticipation Helps

When in 2017 we created scenarios of the future for the European voluntary sector in the Future Skills for the Third Sector project led by Sivis Study Centre, we could not even imagine the sudden change that would happen in… Continue Reading →

Volunteering as a builder of community spirit at libraries

In the blog series ”Volunteering is diamond”, we publish articles or videos about volunteering by students who study volunteer leadership at the HUMAK Open University of Applied Sciences. One might not perceive library as the first place to volunteer. Yet,… Continue Reading →

Why volunteer?

What motivates people to volunteer? In Finland, motivators for volunteers are poorly known, but they should be examined. This information would benefit both civic activity professionals and volunteers. Finns are active volunteers. Volunteering in Finland 2018 report (In Finnish) shows… Continue Reading →

Editorial: New ways for meeting

Finnish people have been isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic – or those who have had the opportunity to do so. However, some of us don’t get along alone at home. There are also vulnerable people among… Continue Reading →

Hygiene and security need to be guaranteed when voluntarily assisting on COVID-19

Among Finns, the corona virus has created a great desire to assist. For example, Facebook groups and Nappi Naapuri service have received a large amount of offers to help those who are isolated and/or in quarantine and in need of… Continue Reading →

Civil Society is going strong but is it diverging from the people?

Latest research has studied how representatives of organizations view the potential of their activities today. Civil society is getting more professional in character but that also has a reverse side. Does the financier guide organizations’ operations too much? This blog… Continue Reading →

Best ever – thanks to imagination and play

In the blog series ”Volunteering is diamond”, we publish articles on volunteering by students who study volunteer leadership at the HUMAK Open University of Applied Sciences. This is the first text from new students attending the course.  Do imagination and play… Continue Reading →

Editorial: Volunteers can do anything

Climate Aid concert at the end of November at Helsinki Music Hall was a powerful effort involving dozens of music professionals and enthusiasts as well as others interested in the event. The concert and the children´s and youth events organized… Continue Reading →

Editorial: Two years at Kansalaisareena

Today is the last day of my two-year assignment as Kansalaisareena’s chief executive officer. My first public assignment was in October 2017. I was to give an opening speech at the International Peer Support day. It was exciting and inspiring… Continue Reading →

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