toukokuu 2017

Volunteer coordinators’ view on volunteering among asylum seekers and refugees

An asylum seeker is someone who has moved to a foreign country and whose request or application for asylum is being processed. Whereas a refugee is someone who fled persecution or conflict, and is granted the right to reside in… Continue Reading →

Strength and new ideas from voluntary work

Finland is the promised land of associations. Some 75 percent of its citizens will be members of some kinds of associations during their lifetime. Even though most people participate in association activities as members, activity piles up. Educated and high… Continue Reading →

Volunteers are heroes of action

Brother Christmas, a man who does delightful everyday deeds all year round dressed up in a grey beanie and a santa’s beard, was chosen as the volunteer of the year last year. The person behind the smiling character is an… Continue Reading →

Good feelings from voluntary work

Sometimes life may seem meaningless. Maybe we seek too hard, and in vain, for something special to cheer up our everyday life. Instead of parachute jumps, hot yoga or travelling, we could search for a meaning in life by helping… Continue Reading →

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