toukokuu 2018

Volunteering and the Active Model –seminar filled Kansalaisinfo Visitor’s Centre in April

The seminar about possibly including volunteer work in the active model, organized by Citizen Forum and the Finnish Parliament’s Support Group for Volunteer Work, was attended by 86 interested participants. Anne Kalmari (Centre Party), the chairperson of the Support Group… Continue Reading →

Recreation opportunities in the new Tampere nature reserve are being improved with the help of volunteers

Located only 20 kilometers from the Tampere market place Keskustori, the hiking and recreation area of Kintulammi has a long history. Already in 1959 a part of the area, the Vattula common forest, was protected. In 2003 the protected area… Continue Reading →

Member organization: The Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Finland

Susanne “Usi” Riikonen was in a rear-end collision in the end of August 2002. – I was stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing to let someone cross the road. I was already starting to move and I leaned towards… Continue Reading →

Voluntarily dedicated

Two middle aged women run into each other by coincidence. “Our exhibition has broken all the records!” “Such great things have been written about us in the media!”   The conversation continues. “Yeah, and it’s nice to talk to people… Continue Reading →

Member organization: The Finnish Lifeboat Institution

In this new article series, member organizations of the 25-year-old Kansalaisareena (Citizen Forum) describe their operations and activities. The search and rescue units of The Finnish Lifeboat Institution all around the country are manned with approximately 1500 volunteers. The institution… Continue Reading →

Fundraising legislation still needs refining – act now!

The Ministry of the Interior is preparing a new fundraising legislation. This is a remarkable reformation. Statements for the bill are collected until 14.3. The current plan is that the parliament will discuss the law proposal in the fall of… Continue Reading →

Volunteering as a stepping stone to a career

It’s a new year and time to start planning for the upcoming summer’s schedules. For many students, summer means working. For many, the beginning of a new year means that they must start looking for apprenticeships and summer jobs. Those… Continue Reading →

Peculiar Finnish stereotypes are a strength in our volunteer work

This blog explores experiences and develops new models for volunteer work leadership and supervision During last year’s celebrations for a 100-year-old Finland, many stopped to think about the things they appreciate in Finland, and what they are thankful for. In… Continue Reading →

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